Hibco Capabilities - Die Cutting

Die cutting as a manufacturing process is also known to some as a clicker press, clicker cutting, or a cutting press. Kiss cutting with a hydraulic press is another specific cutting method than can allow for layers of material to be cut while leaving a backing layer uncut. Cutting with a die press is accomplished with a steel rule tool that is placed into the machine and will then cut specific shapes into foamed plastic.

Gaskets, filters, foam with PSA laminated, are some of the types of products that are produced. Producing many end caps, case inserts, and other protective packaging items are well suited for a die cutting process. Versatile material cutting options associated with die cutting on a hydraulic press give customers choices in the best possible raw material since they may need a flexible urethane, a linear polyethylene such as Ethafoam, a cross-linked polyethylene, or even rubber and neoprene for their specific application. Feed stock of raw material is typically either roll stock or sheets of foam.

Die cut foam parts are well suited for usage in a very wide range of markets and applications in medical, military, sporting goods, leisure products, automotive, aerospace, cosmetics, appliances, and electronics.

Die cutting with Hibco's experienced personnel results in reliable finished product due to process repeatability and efficiencies that allow cost control. Most die cutting can be performed at higher production speeds than many computer aided machines, so using a clicker press to achieve faster speeds and lower costs are always preferred.

Hibco has several pieces of die cutting equipment, and with 8 different presses, die cutting is better specialized for providing unique customer applications. Having reliable die cutting equipment is needed to supply the wide range of our customers needs, and ensuring on time delivery of orders by preventing manufacturing bottlenecks.



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