Our Staff

Quality is a term stressed by everyone at Hibco, from our group of certified packaging engineers to our dedicated staff on the production floor to our management team. Our state of the art equipment is run by well-trained, highly skilled operators from the local community who place pride in every part produced. Turnover at Hibco is extremely low, which means that most of our people have been with Hibco for more than 20 years. That results in a knowledge base that helps heighten our ability to solve your needs. There is almost nothing that we have not seen. Even if we have never seen it before, we will do our best to find a unique solution for you. We continue to encourage our employees to improve their education and help streamline our processes by ongoing training in Six Sigma, 5-S, and Lean Manufacturing..

From the CEO, to the office personnel, to our production floor and warehouse staff, Hibco’s employees are truly what set us apart from all the rest and make us a better organization. We have a committed group of people that are absolutely second to none. Our engineers custom design, prototype, and test products to ensure maximum quality from start to finish. Hibco’s management team is also committed to your total satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Chris Pavlansky - Outside Sales
Chris Pavlansky
Employee since 7/4/07
Cindy Wood - Accounting
Cindy Wood
Employee since 5/10/95
Dan Pavlansky - Chairman of the Board
Dan Pavlansky
Employee since 9/2/79
Darlene Allgood - Inventory / Material Movement
Darlene Allgood
Employee since 8/20/87
Deborah Russell - Inside Sales
Deborah Russell
Employee since 5/2/83
John Waddell - Production Manager
John Waddell
Employee since 12/13/93
Keith Pavlansky - Outside Sales
Keith Pavlansky
Employee since 5/1/90
Kent Renegar - Outside Sales
Kent Renegar
Employee since 2/8/87
Landon Hardy - HR & Quality Manager
Landon Hardy
Employee since 9/11/85
Lee Salley - Engineering
Lee Salley
Employee since 5/7/90
Mark Pavlansky - President
Mark Pavlansky
Employee since 12/20/90
Mike Russell - Purchasing / Quotations
Michael Russell
Employee since 6/3/85
Pam Long - Inside Sales
Pam Long
Employee since 10/9/79
Pat Salley - Inside Sales
Pat Salley
Employee since 11/23/87
Sandra Wall - Quality
Sandra Wall
Employee since 9/26/01
Scott Sacks - Outside Sales
Scott Sacks
Employee since 3/2/09
Sharon Renegar - Accounts Receivable
Sharon Renegar
Employee since 11/9/83

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