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XLPE/EVA Pool Float

Custom shapes. A variety of colors. Competitive pricing. U.S.A made. 98% on-time delivery. What else can we say? Call Hibco!


Medical Cushioning

If you’re in the business of developing products for making patients more comfortable, contact us about how we can help you make your products better.


PET Fiber Gutter Guard

Easy to install, and incredibly more affordable than metal or other types of gutter guards. Ask us about private labeling.


Custom XLPE Case Inserts

No two products are the same. That’s why we offer custom case insert solutions to meet your specifications.


Pink Anti-Static Foam Tray

Protect electronic components from electrostatic discharges with anti-static foam from Hibco.


Linear Polyethylene (PE)

Great strength. Superior durability. Lightweight. Easy to work with. What sizes do you need?


Custom XLPE/EVA Mixture

Provides good thermal and moisture protection. What can we create for you?


Plastic Corrugated

Whether it’s signage, packaging, or something we haven’t thought of yet, let us know what we can produce for you.

Hibco Custom foam products

Hibco Products / Materials

Hibco is a leading supplier of foam plastics products suited for commercial, industrial, military, manufacturing, and residential applications. We offer a diverse line of manufactured foam products and raw materials for cushion packaging, sealing, seating, building construction, marketing, and more. If you don’t see the product you are looking for or have a specific need or special request, please contact us.

Custom ethafoam solutions
  • Resilient closed-cell foam construction.
  • Outstanding recovery characteristics
  • Ideal cushioning protection against impact.
  • Strengths (1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 4, 6 & 9 pounds per cu. ft.)
  • Protect products from a few pounds to hundreds
  • Colors vary
Custom crosslinked foam solutions
Crosslinked Foam
  • Contains cross-linked bonds in the polymer structure that changes a thermoplastic into an elastomer
  • For industrial, orthopedic, and construction use where durability is required
  • Available in 2 to 8 pounds per cubic ft. densities in rolls 1/16″ through 5/8″ thick and laminated planks.
Hibco corrugated foam solutions
Foam-Lined Corrugated Boxes
  • Ideal packaging for a number of products that require safe transport and storage
  • Assortment sizes and styles
  • Can be custom printed
Anti-static poly foam solutions
Anti-Static Polyethylene
  • Closed-cell foam for static discharge protection
  • Available in rolls or planks
  • Standard color: pink
  • Anti-static foam provides critical protection to sensitive electronic parts and products
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    • Offers controlled, dissipation of electro-static charges emitted from other neighboring materials and personnel during handling, assembly, and shipment of the product
    • Contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static-potential from the foam itself, and to dissipate electro-static discharges from other sources

    Trymer custom foam solutions
    • Rigid polyurethane foam is ideal for insulating properties for plumbing, watercraft, and duct work insulation
    • Can also be used as a fibrous glass support material
    • 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0 pcf densities
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      • One of the lowest ambient k-factors among all foam insulations (0.19 BTU in/hr ft2 °F at 75°F mean temperature (0.027 W/m °C at 24°C))
      • Can be used over a broad temperature range from -297°F to 300°F (-183°C to 148°C)
      • This foam is a polyisocyanurate, so it may also be referred to as Rigid Urethane “ISO.”
      • This name Trymer was formerly a registered trademark of Dow Chemical, but now it is a registered trademark of ITW.

      custom Ensolite foam solutions
      • 3.5 to 9.0 pounds per cubic ft. closed-cell PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam
      • Temperature range -20°F to 250°F
      • Applications in industrial gasketing, flotation insulation and athletic padding
      • Ensolite was a trademarked name for a closed-cell foam material made from a blend of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
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        • Broad range of compression densities
        • Typically used for shock absorption, athletic protective equipment, insulation for both high and low temperature, and flotation. Industrial applications such as automotive gasketing and weather stripping. Ensolite®, Rubatex®, and Durafoam® all refer to the same type of foam produced by different manufacturers with slightly different properties.
        • Armacell and Monmouth

        Polyethylene rolls
        Polyethylene Rolls
        • A low cost, low-density polyethylene available in roll form in thicknesses from 1/32″ to 1/2″
        • Used in packaging for wrapping, interleaving, or flotation devices
        • Also available in anti-static
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          • Densities from 0.9 to 4.0 pcf
          • Polyethylene foam is dust-free and non-abrasive in addition to being moisture-proof and shock-resistant

          Custom polystyrene foam solutions
          Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)
          • A molded polystyrene foam used in packaging applications and also has insulation applications
          • Can be used for blocking and bracing for furniture and appliances
          • Usually available in densities of 1, 1.5, and 2 pounds per cubic ft.
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            • Commonly used to package and protect water heaters, dishwashers, and large appliances. It also provides impact protection for sensitive electronic equipment.
            • Use for applications that require protection from shock and vibration.
            • EPS has a very high compressive strength, and is very compatible with corrugated cardboard and flexible foams.

            Custom Extruded PE Shapes
            • Available in a wide variety of tubes, shapes, colors, and sizes
            • Use for edge protection, flotation, and cushioning
            • Perfect for packaging doors, windows, mirrors, and pictures
            • Most extrusion shapes typically fit a “U” or “L” shape patter
            Expanded PE/PP
            • Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) each have very high compressive strength
            • Resilient molded foam ideal for cushion packaging, automotive and other applications
            • Chemically stable, high thermal resistance, and available in a variety of densities
            • Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is an impact absorbing foam that passes both air and water for improved breathability
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              • Typical application might be flooring
              • Expanded polypropylene (EPP) has excellent energy absorption and high strength properties
              • Durable, lightweight, and recyclable
              • Resistant to water, chemicals, and most oils
              • Can withstand multiple impacts without significant damage
              • Markets for EPP would be automotive, packaging, sports and leisure, HVAC, consumer products, and furniture

              custom retriculated foam solutions
              Filter Foam (Reticulated Foam)
              • An open-pore Polyurethane foam available in pore sizes from 5 ppi (pores per inch) to 100 ppi
              • Ideal for air filters in air conditioners and I.C. engines, or ceramic filters
              • Can also be dipped or coated to perform other functions
              • Reticulation is a process by which the cell walls of the foam are removed leaving a skeletal structure behind
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                • Filter or reticulated foam works as a depth-loading filter instead of a surface-loading filter.
                • When this foam is used for filtering purposes, it is able to “catch” dust particles within its cell structure. Since the process of reticulation only leaves the skeletal structure, this foam has a much higher degree of surface area for the collection of dust particles.
                • Filter foam has a uniform cell structure, which allows for it to be engineered for pressure drop and filtering efficiency by changing its pore size.
                • This foam has many uses, including scrubbing pads, hospital pads, outdoor furniture, gutter protection, applicators, and more.

                custom flexible foam solutions
                Flexible Foam Polyester Urethane
                • 1.5 – 6.0 pounds per cubic ft
                • For display packaging, cushion packaging, acoustic applications, case inserts, medical applications, and gasketing applications
                • Several colors options
                • Available in anti-static and flame-retardant grades, and can be formulated to meet the MIL-PRF-26514, Cal-117, MVSS302, UL-94, and the FAR 25.853(a) specifications
                • Extremely easy to fabricate
                • Available in rolls, sheets, buns and fabricated parts
                Flexible foam polyether
                Flexible Foam Polyether Urethane
                • Lower density flexible urethane foam used in industrial packaging applications where higher loads are involved
                • Low cost, high resilient open cell flexible foam
                • Available in antistatic form
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                  • Ether is available in densities from 0.9 to 5.5 pcf., however, it usually in a range of 1.2 to 1.5 pcf
                  • Can be formulated to meet the MIL-PRF-26514, Cal-117, MVSS302, UL-94, and the FAR 25.853(a) specifications
                  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications, but some of them are protective packaging, automotive, sports, leisure, aerospace, marine, construction, military, case inserts, medical, appliance, filters, gaskets, display, etc

                  Custom foam rubber blends
                  Foam Rubber Blends and Neoprene
                  • 0.5 to 9 pounds per cubic ft. closed-cell foam
                  • Temperature range -20°F to 250°F
                  • For industrial gasketing, flotation, insulation, weatherstripping, and athletic padding
                  • Broad range of compression densities available
                  Microcell custom foam packaging solutions
                  • Chemically crosslinked Polyolefin closed-cell foam available in 3″ and 4″ bun form with an extremely fine cell structure
                  • Easily skived to thinner thicknesses
                  • Higher density grades available
                  • This has taken the place of Voltek’s Minicel since it is no longer available in the U.S.
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                    • Standard colors: natural, white, gray, charcoal, blue, black, yellow, and green
                    • Also available in a fire retardant grade: meets requirements for both Vehicle Safety
                    • Standard FMVSS-302 and Aviation F.A.R. 25.853 (A) vertical burn test
                    • Common applications include closure strips, eaves filler, sports padding, camping mats, sports flooring and wall padding, exercise mats, kayak seats, canoe seats, and kickboards.

                    Multiple Density Laminates (MDL)
                    • Use for cushion packaging, especially when a living hinge is used in endcaps
                    • Extruded polyethylene skin laminated to polyethylene plank
                    • Three-dimensional designs with a single cut.
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                      • The “hinge” properties of the skin enables die-cuts with flip outs to be shipped flat reducing freight cost and packaging storage costs
                      • MDL strengthens expandable grid designs, which provides improved material yield

                      Hibco custom foam packaging solutions
                      Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
                      • Adhesive forms a bond when pressure is applied to marry the adhesive with the product(s)
                      • No solvent, water, or heat is needed to activate
                      • The degree of bond is influenced by the amount of pressure which is applied
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                        • Surface factors are critical to proper bonding
                        • PSAs typically reduce tack at cold temps and reduce holding at high temps; specialty adhesives are made to function at high or low temps
                        • Choose an adhesive formulation which is designed for its intended use conditions, we can help you decide

                        Rigid high density foam solutions
                        Rigid Urethane High Density
                        • 6.0 to 20.0 pounds per cubic ft
                        • Used for architectural models and specialty high strength areas
                        • Use in structural applications
                        • Mold to simulate wood, concrete, or other
                        • Unique combination of lightweight / strength
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                          • Can be nailed, screwed, glued, bolted and stapled directly into foam
                          • Completely waterproof
                          • Impervious to solvents
                          • High or low temps, rain, snow, ice, or frequent sprinkler waterings have no effect

                          Styrofoam bb
                          Styrofoam® BB
                          • 1.8 pounds per cubic ft. extruded polystyrene foam buoyancy billets for marine floating structures
                          • Standard color: blue
                          • Buoyancy billets won’t lose their buoyancy, even if punctured
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                            • Lightweight Styrofoam brand plastic foam reduces the racking on the wooden framework of a floating structure, and helps minimize damage from storms
                            • Water and microbe resistant

                            Styrofoam db
                            Styrofoam® DB (Craft Foam, Floral Foam)
                            • Styrofoam Decorative Billets: 1.8 pounds per cubic ft. extruded Polystyrene foam for use in floral, novelty, and display applications
                            • Standard colors: white and green
                            • 50+ different shapes and sizes, including balls, sheets, cubes, cones, eggs, hearts, blocks, rings, shamrocks, pumpkins, and many more
                            • Easy to cut
                            Styrofoam HI
                            Styrofoam® HL
                            • (Highload 40 – 60 – 100)
                            • Extruded Polystyrene foam used as insulation where high load-bearing is required
                            • HL100 insulation: minimum compressive strength of 100 psi (690 kPa).
                            • Also available in 40 psi and 60 psi
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                              • Type V extruded polystyrene foam insulation resists compressive creep and fatigue, delivering long-term compressive strength and thermal performance in HL applications
                              • Typical plank size: 2″ x 48″ x 96″; blue material
                              • R-value of 10

                              styrofoam core custom solutions
                              Styrofoam® Panel Core SE & TG
                              • Extruded polystyrene foam core material and thermal insulation supplied in precisely trimmed and planed panels.
                              • 1.9 pounds per cubic ft.
                              • Ideal for insulation in mobile homes, modular housing, cold storage, industrial lagging, perimeter insulation, plaster and drywall insulation base, and cavity wall insulation
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                                • Superior bonding surface
                                • Closed-cell structure prevents water absorption
                                • Maintains structural integrity

                                Volara foam
                                • Fine-celled, irradiation crosslinked foam
                                • Outstanding range of performance
                                • Smooth, excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical and chemical properties, low water absorption and vapor transmission
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                                  • Ideal for door and instrument panels, gaskets, operating room and health care devices, packaging, appliance gaskets, construction, military, sports padding, toys, and novelties.
                                  • Available in a density range from 2 to 20 pcf
                                  • Standard colors: white, black, ocean blue, charcoal, and natural; custom colors available

                                  Volextra foam
                                  • Extrusion-coated Volara combines the properties of foam and solid plastic
                                  • Extrusion-coating adds aesthetic and performance qualities to Volara’s cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin foam
                                  • Thickness, color, and texture are tightly controlled
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                                    • Wide range of surface options
                                    • Abrasion, chemical, and moisture resistant: ideal for moisture-resistant panels, headliners, marine accessories, anti-skid pads, appliance gaskets, body boards and specialized packaging

                                    Conductive foam solutions
                                    Conductive Foam
                                    • Used in the shipment of integrated circuits to protect against electrostatic discharge
                                    • Firm or Soft formulation
                                    • Sheets 1/8″ to 1/2″ thick.
                                    • Also available in several densities and sheet sizes
                                    custom corrugated plastic solutions
                                    Corrugated Plastic
                                    • Useful for totes, dunnage, and applications which require high strength corrugated
                                    • Different types of foam can be bonded to the plastic corrugated for many situations
                                    • Available in several different mil thicknesses
                                    • Standard colors: black; other colors available for special order
                                    Linear Polyethylene
                                    Linear Polyethylene
                                    • Low Density – 1.0 to 2.2 pcf density closed cell foam available in planks and rods
                                    • High Density – 4.0 to 9.0 pcf density closed cell foam available in planks
                                    Extruded foam shapes
                                    Extruded Polyethylene Shapes
                                    • A wide variety of tubes, shapes and custom sizes
                                    • Any density of PE for corner and edge protection, flotation and cushioning
                                    • Special packaging applications
                                    • Ability to custom extrude a shape particular to your application
                                    Rigid Urethane
                                    • Rigid polyurethane foam for insulation in the range of -65 to +250.
                                    • Used in panels in military shelters
                                    • Fiberglass support
                                    • Signage
                                    • Density 1.0 to 20 pcf