Hibco Capabilities - Waterjet Cutting

A method of cutting materials with a stream of water from a nozzle that is under extreme pressure is a good choice for various applications. Cutting foam with a water jet can produce parts with a specific finish that certain customers need, and with a CNC interface, the need for tooling is usually eliminated.

Water jet cutting of foam is applicable for the markets Hibco serves including electronics, aerospace, medical, sports/leisure, automotive, military, sporting goods, and appliances. Providing a waterjet cutting service from North Carolina allows Hibco to deliver fabricated foam parts to customers located in many locations. Whether customers have straightforward parts that need to be cut or if they have complex shapes, the tight tolerances held by waterjet cutting services are a good fit for demanding applications.

Hibco uses a 6'x10' table with 4 heads and 3 axes of cutting direction which provides CNC waterjet production of foamed plastics and other materials needed by customers of Hibco.



Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Southeast United States